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What are the latest Trends in 401(k) plans with respect to small businesses and data security?

  1. I have been reading a lot about the retirement saving issues in the U.S. lately. And it seems that the 401(k) is the primary solution for tackling this problem. I run a small business in a rented office space in California. I wish to know whether I need to offer 401(k) plans to my employees. Also, what are the data security risks that need to be considered with regards to 401(k)? Brian, California

Hi Brian, yes it’s true that there is a renewed emphasis on the 401(k) plans and they are being viewed as the primary solution to the retirement savings in the United States.

With increased awareness of the crisis around retirement savings, several states in the country are now waking up to take powerful measures. The steps to make retirement simpler and largely automatic has led to an increased poss.....

401k ScoreBoard

On a daily basis, non-profit 401k Census ( "blind samples" investment and contribution data extracted from many thousands of 401k investor accounts. This data is analyzed and quantified, and the results posted in this website. As of today:

The 12-month moving average age of the 401k participant is 47.0 years old.
The 12-month moving average individual 401k participant account is valued at $57,054
The 12-month moving average contribution is $551 per month
The average number of 401k investments choices is 1.8
The top ten 401k investment categories in use by 401k investors across all plans sampled:
Self-Directed Brokerage Account   28%
Large Growth   9%
Large Blend   8%
Money Market Fund   6%
Large Value   6%
Foreign Large Blend   4%
Intermediate-Term Bond   3%
Small Blend   3%
Mid-Cap Value   3%
Target Date 2021-2025   2%
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Global Treads is Retirement Savings Programs
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